Tibettea Men’s Defence herbal blend for men`s health


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Natural herbal tea, specially collected to combat prostatitis, a common problem shared by men. The composition of the blend favorably affects male body. The combination of herbs carefully selected by the specialists relieves unpleasant symptoms, improves functioning of urinary system, relieves inflammation of prostate gland. Tibettea Men`s Defence is an excellent preventive for those who want to protect themselves from sexual dysfunction, prostate cancer and chronic diseases. The herbal blend has tonifying, strengthening and protective effects.

Consist: Green Tea, Rosehip, Licorice, Strawflower, Centaury, Fennel, Beggarticks, Hypericum, Corn Leaves.

Product form/Packaging50 g doypack
Shelf life24 months
Storage conditionsStore in a dry place at less than 70% relative humidity

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