Tibettea Pure Life detox herbal blend


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Chronic fatigue, indigestion, overweight, intestinal problems and lack of energy are caused by excess of toxins in your health system. A natural detox tea cleanses the body of toxins, bacteria and parasites, that cause sickness. Tibettea Pure Life not only removes harmful substances, but also enriches the body with useful vitamins and minerals. It improves the color of your face, and skin acquires a healthy appearance. You feel full of strength and energy, quickly fall asleep. The tea normalizes digestive system and improves well-being.

Consist: Green Tea, Tansy, Nard, Senna, Mint, Hypericum, Camomile, Lavender, Buckthorn.

Product form/Packaging50 g doypack
Shelf life24 months
Storage conditionsStore in a dry place at less than 70% relative humidity

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